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Sample of letter 'Request for Credit Report'
If you have applied for a loan or some other form of credit and been denied you have a right to a free credit report from the company or companies that provided report(s) to the lender. Use the following example to request such a report. Here are the addresses of the major credit companies.




To whom it May Concern:

My credit application was recently denied and according to the attached letter that I received less than sixty days ago from the company that denied me credit, your credit bureau issued the report that was used to determine my credit evaluation.

Section 609 [15 USC 1681g] of the Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1970 provides that your credit bureau should send me all information on file that led to my credit application being denied. According to the provisions of Section 612 (b) [15 USC 1681j (b)], there should be no charge for this information.

Please send my credit report to the address below. The attached letter details additional information identifying my account.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact me at [phone].

Thank you.


First and Last Name
City, State, Zip
Social Security #

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Click here to get a free credit report

How Can I Improve my Credit Score?
1. Pay off any old, collection account or delinquent debt.
2. Only open and keep accounts that you need... don't race to put 20 credit cards in your pocket.
3. Don't apply for every credit card that comes in the mail or via email. The more "HARD INQUIRIES" on your report the lower your score.
4. Pay off credit cards and other revolving lines of credit every month if possible.
5. Always pay EVERY bill on time, even if it means sending in less (but at least the minimum amount). If you can't pay your bill on time, call the company and let them know.
6. Read carefully any application for credit, considering the APR, late and other fees, annual or monthly fees, and Grace period (if applicable).
7. Shop around for the best credit possible.
8. Run a credit check on your own credit profile and dispute all incorect information.

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